like two big shining stars in a Hitchcock movie and my auto pilot is ready to go

Im set free to find a new illusion

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:: segunda-feira, junho 26, 2006 ::

a ternura foi embora.
a palavra sai feia..

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:: quinta-feira, junho 22, 2006 ::
- acho que os cangurus sao felizes aqui. olha so quanto espaco tem pra eles pularem. montanhas e montanhas.
- eh filha, eh melhor ser canguru na australia que macaco no brasil.

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:: quinta-feira, junho 15, 2006 ::
[sejla kameric]

somewhere far away in the sea of love lived a fabulous siren, whom everyone loved. and she loved everyone. that was her problem.

one day it stopped raining. that was the end of all rainy days in the life of a certain ballerina.
she couldnt manage to assemble all the moments of happiness and compel him to feel more and think more deeply.

she had to be cautious and unafraid. to feel love and to read the signes...
just let him be the real thing.
sensitive and handsome. brave and tender. wise and childish, just like she was..
a perfect life.

sense and sensibility. a perfect life. the real thing. the princess knew that she could have it all. but only if she..

no story has an end. every moment is precious.
without him, we ache.

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:: quarta-feira, junho 14, 2006 ::
- ai que dor no meu ovario
- mae, isso aqui eh meu ovario?
- nao sei, pergunta a camila. ela que andou estudando anatomia. eu ja fiquei horrorizada em saber que o figado eh aqui..

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